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(September 2007)   Frequently Asked Questions About Redaction

The Department of Judicial Information Technology offers introductory answers to frequently asked questions about redaction. Click on a subject heading below to view questions and answers relating to your selection. Links throughout the answers will guide you to further information on our website or from other sources.

Redaction in General

What Does Redaction Cost?

Vendor Selection

Security Concerns

Day Forward Redaction

What is redaction?

Redaction is the process of removing sensitive information from documents.  In the case of Circuit Court Clerks in Virginia, redaction (as of September 2007) is limited in scope to removal of Social Security Numbers from Land Records.  Redaction of social security numbers will be OCR +1 - this is one automated pass plus one manual pass on the records identified as 'suspect' documents. 

Judgment documents will only redact the first five social security number digits.

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What does redaction cover?

Redaction will remove Social Security Numbers from Land Record documents for any parties on the document.  Judgments will redact only the first five social security number digits. 

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How is redaction different on SRA and in the court?

Images will only be redacted on the Supreme Courtís RMS Secure Remote Access site.  The original unredacted copy residing in the court will remain unchanged.  

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When will redaction be completed?

We will complete the initial bulk redaction of images before June 30th, 2008 for courts who have requested redaction by December 21, 2007. 

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Do I have to request redaction from DJIT?

Yes.  We need a signed letter from the Clerk requesting redaction before we can proceed with redacting your records. 

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Why should I use redaction from the Supreme Court?

We feel the Supreme Court of Virginia is in a unique position to be the best choice for Land Record redaction.  The main focus of the Records Management Systems team is to serve the Circuit Clerks of Virginia.  We are researching multiple vendors and multiple approaches for redaction.  Because many courts together are in a stronger bargaining position than individual courts alone, we can negotiate the best possible choice of redaction vendors. 

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Will redaction blank out other information besides Social Security Numbers?

The latest Code of Virginia approves only Social Security Number redaction.  If the General Assembly adds other sensitive information to the list of data that can be redacted, the Land Records documents will need to be redacted again. 

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What about Judgment information?

Judgment documents will only redact the first five social security number digits.

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What does redaction cost?

The compensation Board has approved a maximum rate of $.04 per image.  You should have been provided a cost based on the number of images as of July 28, 2007.

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Can I use another vendor if I don't want to use the vendor selected by SCV?

As Clerk of the Circuit Court you can request your data at any point.  We hope that you will select the Supreme Court to do your redaction because we feel that we will provide the best products, services and costs, but the choice is entirely up to you.

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What if the Comp Board does not approve my redaction budget?

If the Compensation board does not approve your redaction request budget, we will work with you on an individual basis depending on the needs of your court. The main focus of the Records Management Systems team is to provide the best Records Imaging System to Clerks in Virginia.

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Are there costs if I use another vendor besides the SCV vendor?

There will be costs associated with extracting and reloading images into Secure Remote access.  If you choose the Supreme Court as your vendor, those costs are included in the redaction cost, if you do not choose the Supreme Court as your redaction vendor, the cost will depend on your volume of data.

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What span of years can be redacted?

The Compensation Board will only fund redaction for records recorded after January 1, 1935.

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Will redaction be performed by SCV employees or contracted out?

Currently the Supreme Court is planning to contract out bulk redaction to a vendor. 

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Can non-RMS courts use the redaction services chosen by SCV?

In order to benefit all Circuit Courts in the state of Virginia, we plan to offer the rates we negotiate to non-RMS courts unless prohibited by doing so by the vendor selected.

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What is the bidding process?

We are currently bringing vendors in for a presentation of what services and quality levels they can offer.  We have interviewed three vendors so far and expect to have two more come in the last week of September.  After that, we are planning to publish an IFB (Invitation For Bid).

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Will a contractor be allowed to subcontract?

We will give preference to vendors who do not subcontract.  Any subcontractor must adhere to any agreement such as data security made by the primary vendor.

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Will redaction be performed in the U.S.?

All redaction must be performed in the U.S. for a vendor to bid.  Preference will be given to vendors who will perform the work in the state of Virginia.

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What accuracy rate will be required?

Accuracy is very import in redaction.  Although the minimum accuracy rate is set at 95%, we expect higher percentage rates of accuracy from the successful bidder.

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How do I protect my court's data?

As Clerk of the Circuit Court, you have sole control over who is granted access to records on your Secure Remote Access site.  If you question someoneís motive in obtaining access to SRA, you should consider not granting access.

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What if a record is not redacted properly?

We will require that a vendor re-redact any missed social security numbers.

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What is day-forward Redaction?

Day forward redaction is the process of redacting current documents.

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When will day-forward Redaction be implemented?

We are currently researching day forward options for RMS sites.

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What will day-forward Redaction cost?

Once we determine the best method of day forward redaction we will determine the cost.

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