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Alternatiff and Windows 10

The default browser of Windows 10, Microsoft Edge, will not work with Alternatiff which is used by SRA to display images. PCs running Windows 10 should use Internet Explorer 11.

The following are instructions for finding and "pinning" IE 11 to the taskbar or start menu for easier use:

  1. Click the Start button, and in the search box type "Internet Explorer"
  2. Internet Explorer should display at the top of the search results (see below)
  3. Right click on Internet Exporer and select either "Pin to Start" or "Pin to taskbar" (user preference)

The following are Microsoft's instructions on activating Internet Explorer in Windows 10 if it is not found on the PC...

    To turn on Internet Explorer
  1. Click the Start button, and then click Control panel.
  2. Click Programs, and under Programs and Features, click Turn Windows features on or off.
  3. In the dialog box, select the Internet Explorer 11 check box, and then click OK.
  4. When prompted to restart your PC, tap or click Restart now.

SRA Version 2.2 Released

(November 2008)  We are pleased to introduce several new enhancements in this version of the software.  We have implemented many
of your requests and appreciate all of the good feedback offered over the recent months. 

Below, please find a summary of the recent changes to the Secure Remote Access software.

Lastest updates

  • The results for multiple names selection has been grouped and sorted by date recorded. You can now choose a single name from the multiple names result by clicking on the name.
  • The Date of Judgement, Date Type and Date, have been added to the instrument information when results are displayed.
  • From and To Date fields on the search forms have been updated to reflect a calendar when the fields are selected.

Enhanced support for Multiple FIPS

As users login to the software, the system checks to determine if the signed on account has access to more than one FIPS.

When more than one FIPS is detected, the software asks the user to choose which FIPS to search on:


Support for browsing multiple names

Similar to the feature found in the "Public" application, it is now possible to see details for several names at a time.  This is
accomplished with a slight change to the familiar names_browse interface.  Each name has a checkbox next to it.
Checking one or more names and then click on any name to see the related records.

To accommodate this change, you must click on at least one name before detail records will appear.

Improved login security with logging

For your protection, new login/logoff procedures have been adopted. From this point forward, all login activity will be logged
and monitored by the SRA System.  Further, the software will protect your account from unauthorized use by disallowing two
sessions from the same Username at the same time.

If the system detects that your username is already in use, the event is logged and the account is suspended for fifteen minutes:

New log off procedure

For security purposes, you are now required to log off of the SRA system when you are finished with it.   Logging off is a simple
process that involves:

       1. Clicking the Logout link (found at the top of each SRA page) and
       2. Clicking the close browser button to complete the process.

NOTE: If you forget to log off properly the system may issue a warning the next time you attempt to log in.

Enhanced "search all" feature for Instrument Groups

The search all feature appears if your account has access to all six Instrument Groups. Choose the "Search All" feature to apply a search
throughout all instrument groups.

Password field expanded to 8 characters 

In the past, the system only supported passwords up to six characters.  The software has been changed so that eight character passwords
are now supported.

Version 2.0 Enhancements    (June 2007) 

Support for multiple-FIPS

With the appropriate setup, it is now possible to access more than one FIPS. In this mode, the software will present a list of
available FIPS at login and allow you to choose which group to work with.

Print all pages or range of pages

It is now possbile to print all pages of a document with a single mouse-click!  Simply open the document and click on the printer icon   
which appears on the Alternatif toolbar.

In addtion, the Alternatif toolbar navigation controls are now active, making it possible to easily "jump" to a given page, along with
Next and Previous controls for page scrolling: 

Support for Book and Page searches

It is now possible to search using Book and Page numbers.  Simply access the Advanced Search link (at the bottom of the home page)
and supply the appropriate Book & Page numbers.

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